About Us

It was 1999 when China City opened its doors to the world and let everyone enjoy the delicious American-Chinese cuisine. And within a short period of time, people were raving for the cuisine more than ever. 

Maybe it's our attentive and detailed staff. Or maybe it's because of the fact that we prepare everything on the spot, within our own kitchen, without using too many machines.  

We hand trim, slice and dice our meat to make sure it’s perfect. We offer vegetarian delights that drive you crazy. And all our appetizers are homemade, hand folded, crimped and cut, which is why most people just finish their meals with the appetizers alone.  

Our locations make sure that you get the best American-Chinese feeling as possible. The first location is on Whidbey Island in Freeland, which boasts a Victorian style building that is surrounded with Asian air, trees and Portuguese Laurels. The second location in Oak Harbor has everything you would need to make yourself at home and relaxed. Our newest location is in Mill Creek, a place to escape the bustle of the shopping center in our beautiful dining area.  

If you’re still wondering where we come from, and who we are, just visit one of our locations and ask. And we’ll make sure that you taste the American-Chinese cuisine like never before. 

We are China City.